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About Joanne Brooker





Art is my language. This is how I interact, how I make comment, how I reflect back the influences, experiences and situations that affect


me. To do this, I use the tools I have a connection to, primarily acrylics, oils and ink.


Acrylics allow me to work in semi-opaque layers, creating fine detail, working quickly to capture an exacting vision.


Oils attract me with intense colours, creamy textures and unpredictability. With them I experiment, working to capture an emotion, an essence.


Ink is exacting, bold, and graphic; this medium fulfils my need for clarification, negative space and the haiku of line.



My work is strongly influenced by the imagery available to me as a child. Comics, graphic novels, TV cartoons and fantasy.


They taught me economy of line, visual narrative, layout, animation and character creation.


Studying the illustrations from Alice in Wonderland, the Arabian Nights, Hans Christian Anderson, taught me colour and detail, the delicacy and


power of the black line, the joy of grotesquery and the connections between illustration and words.




All of these skills were brought to my ten years as an editorial artist for newspapers, creating political and social comment.


On leaving the media world in 2001, I travelled, discovering a new context for my work. My art broke through language and cultural barriers in


China, South America, Asia, Iran and the Middle East. I discovered my visual political comment, acceptable in Australia, had a very different


context within these countries. This situation has added a new dimension to my work, an area I am continuing to explore.


I surround myself with images from artists creating the dark, the surreal, the comic, the powerful line, the challenging attitude and technical brilliance.


The work of Sebastian Kruger, Michael Hussar, Takashi Murakami, Francis Bacon, Rolf Steadman, Marjan Satrapi, Art Spiegelman and myriads


of outsider art, graffiti, movie posters, contemporary Japanese art, tattoo and manipulated photo imagery.


My work features almost exclusively, faces.


Faces are the avatars of character, emotion and comment. They are the most demanding of subjects, challenging and engaging. I never tire of their endless variables and their personal connections to myself and the viewer.



Each image I create comes to realisation only after a great deal of consideration.


The intensity of my imagination often means this can be a fast transition, other times it takes time to fully form.


The actual technical creation of the image is immediate and fast.


I love to work with acrylics and inks, however, oils are my passion, satisfying my need for spontaneous expression.


Spontaneity is where the honesty of my work lies. The influences that excite me, the interaction with my work


and the drama and drive behind my vision.


Finalist Brisbane Portrait Prize, Tim Page: A Life in Pictures. 2021.

Aspire Gallery, Paddington, Brisbane. 2021

Royal Queensland Art Society, The Art of Imagination. Merit for Aria Aslan.  2021

'Six degrees' group show at Air Gallery, Luton, London 2010.


The 9th Tehran International Cartoon Bienniel 2009

Esfahan House of cartoon Exhibiion 2009


DUCTAC D-pict Illustration Exhibition 2009


Hozeye Honary Esfahan ( Esfahan Art Field) Esfahan Cartoon

Association Anniversary Exhibition opening May 2007


Creative Woman and the Art of Comic” Exposicin Las Mujeres

Creadoras y El Arte De La Caricatura Bolivia South America


Encuentro International Cartoon Festival La Paz Bolivia 2007

Galleriazero, Barcelona Spain 2006


Saales Gallery, Tehran 2006


Metro Arts Gallery Faces Exhibion, Brisbane, Australia


Coolac Festival of Fun, Bald Archies, Sydney


St Justin Cartoon Exhibition, France


Sunday Mail Art Exhibition, Australia


Ayr Cartoon Festival, Scotland


Brisbane State Library "Media Art, Past, Present and Future".


Sydney Art Gallery, Darling Harbour, Sydney.


Bunker Cartoon Gallery "Australian Women Cartoonists"


Back to Back Gallery, Newcastle "Hope" Exhibition


Brisbane Writers Festival WordPlay

Brisbane Writers Festival

Get The Message Panel Discussion

Gold Coast Pet Expo

Arabian Insight Magazine

Seven Days Newspaper, Dubai

IQ magazine, Dubai

Dubai Ladies Club

American International School, Dubai

Indian School, Dubai

Irish Club, Dubai

Jam Jar Gallery, Dubai


Wilson Insurance Brokers

FYI, Dubai

Atlantis Hotel, Dubai

The Walkley Madazine Australia

Dissent Magazine Australia




Nomination The Clarion awards 2011


Queensland Media Award 2007 Best Cartoon


Queensland Media Award 2006 Best Cartoon


NSW Journalism Awards: Best Artwork 2005


Bringing Down the House, Old Parliament House, Canberra.

Peoples Choice Award,


The Stanley Awards

Artist of the Year, Gold Stanley

Caricaturist of the Year

Nominated Best Realist Artist

Nominated Best Caricaturist


Queensland Media Awards,

Best Editorial artwork (twice awarded)


Coffs Harbour Rotary Cartoon Awards

Best Caricature, (twice awarded)

Nominated Best Caricature (three times awarded)


Walkley Awards

Queensland State Finalist



China Promotion Tours to thirteen cities including Shanghai, Beijing, Chongqing, Chungdu, Shuhai and many more...

Oct 8-25 2003, April 8-21 2003 , March 15-April 14 2004

Foresight Partners

Evens and Peck


Heide Gallery, Victoria

Bedigo Gallery, Victoria

Sturt University Canberra

University of Southern Queensland

McGregor Summer/Winter School, Toowoomba

Darwin Parliament House

Alice Springs Community Library

Newcastle Community Arts Centre

Hunter Community College

State Library of Queensland

Grafton Artsfest

Bunker Cartoon Gallery

Brisbane Institute of Art

Newcastle State Library

Woodford Folk Festival

Palais Newcastle

Maryborough Artsfest

USQ McGregor Winter School

Flying Arts Queensland, workshops all over Australia.

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