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Intellectual property is the creation of the artist


Copyright exists for a reason. Only the creator of the work has the right to reproduce, publish, and communicate to the public that work without a licence or assignment of copyright.


Ignorance of the law is not accepted and punishable with fines. If you publish an artwork online, you must pay the creator for the use of that artwork.



Artists work hard to create great work

It takes decades for an artist to get to the level of skill demanded as a professional. If you have published an artwork on your website and not paid appropriate copyright to the creator,you are breaking the artist copyright.


Copyright Fact

Just because you have commissioned an original work does not mean you hold the Copyright. 

All artists  retain copyright of their works unless signed by contract to the purchaser


Providing work for exposure

We DO NOT give away artwork for free in return for “exposure”. Please do not contact any artist asking for free art.


Ownership of artwork

Copyright is automatic to the artist under the Copyright Act 1968. Ownership of original artwork does NOT automatically go to the client unless the artist transfers copyright by agreement prior to commissioning.


Artist are people working in the Arts BUSINESS.

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