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 What is Corporate Visualisation?               



Its all about YOU and your COMPANY!


By painting a mission goal or value, participants develop a deeper level of understanding and ownership of their company or business.



One of the best things about team building with visualisation is what you take back. The finished piece is a powerful visual tool that stimulates performance, acting as a constant reminder and motivator.



The uses for the finished product are limitless –e.g. feature on web sites, marketing documents, newsletters, posters and other branded properties featuring on websites, marketing material, newsletters, posters and for various branding initiatives.



 What is the key message(s) that you want to communicate to staff?


 Do your staff truly know and understand the vision, values or goals of your organization? 


 How effective has the written word been in getting your staff to adopt these goals and become dedicated towards achieving them? 


The Brooker Studio Corporate Visualisation Workshops include:


1. Concept Meeting

An artist meets with the client either personally or via Zoom or phone call as suits, to understand corporate culture and business objectives.


2. Art Design

Based on the group, time, budget and intended future use, the artist designs the base idea.


3. Workshop Design

Content and activities meet the business objectives and group style.


4. Event

A fun event that includes brainstorming, visualizing, drawing and painting. The event can take from one day to two weeks or as needed.


5. Finished Art

Is enhanced by the artist, mounted and framed to produce a professional piece.

Finished art could be a anything from a fully painted mural created by your staff, clients or management to individual fun caricatures created by Joanne Brooker as a token of your event. It is entirely up to you as every workshop is individually designed to FIT your BUSINESS.

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