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Corporate Visualization Workshops


If a picture is worth a thousand words then Corporate Visualization is worth a thousand pictures!


Corporate visualization is an innovative approach to the use of artwork in encapsulating your businesses culture, future and aims. In today's marketplace the image is paramount. We are in a fast paced business environment and the image is gaining power as the most effective means to communicate ideas.

The print medium has used artwork for centuries to convey ideas and to bring attention to the written word. Why not use this tried and true method within your business?


Artwork can be developed through an in depth and structured process to powerfully represent an organization's past, present and future. Artwork can help provide a means to agree on complex issues, bridge cultural, professional and organizational divides and empower people for action.


Used in conjunction with your facilitator this fun fast genre of artwork can help people literally see what needs to be done and motivate them to do it.


During meetings, conferences or training camps, artwork can be created to match the development of the aims of the company. On the spot cartoons, symbolic or realistic sketches help visualize concepts that may be difficult to express due to language barriers, technical complexities or communication to large numbers of people.


This is a unique, entertaining and useful visual method to communicate with your clients, employees or partners. More and more business are seeing that artwork can be used as a focus for events. Many companies use the services of caricature artists which are always a huge hit. Why not take the concept further and use the talents of specialized artists who have the background and training to visualize all manner of business concepts?






A professional artist can create for you a series of illustrations showing the artistic process to the final result. What is the result? Whatever you want it to be. A new logo for your business, a painting, business specific illustrations, customized caricatures or a series of fun cartoons, whatever works!


The artist will work with management and the facilitator to understand the business structure and to put together a visual package. Every situation will be different and all of the artwork will be totally unique and customized to your wishes.

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